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Alfred Wallis: Artist and Mariner
by Robert Jones

A new 3rd edition of 'Alfred Wallis: Artist and Mariner' is now available. Click here for more information.

The life and work of the influential Cornish artist Alfred Wallis (1855 - 1942). Seaman, fisherman and later, dealer in 2nd hand marine goods, it was not until Wallis was in his seventies and eighties that he took up painting. The author and respected contemporary painter Robert Jones, was once a fisherman himself. His shared experience with his fellow artist and mariner Alfred Wallis has allowed him to bring new insight and factual information to the extraordinary world of this fascinating artist.

The book won an award from the Cornish Gorsedd for best publication about and from Cornwall. 2001.

Hardback. 96 pages.
Contains some 150 illustrations, mostly in colour.
Published by Halsgrove Press.

Very limited copies available of this edtion.
Price on application.

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Alfred Wallis book cover

“In his paintings he reminisced about a way of life which, by the time he started to paint, had virtually disappeared. These evocative pictures, painted on bits of cardboard or wood with ship's enamel paint and bought from him for a few shillings each, were to assume an unusual importance in the history of modern art”